I encountered Brittany France when I was asked to teach at Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art during its summer session back in 2002. The opportunity was offered by chance & was one that would change the course of my life.

The charm of this town compelled me to return nearly every spring semester since that time. It’s where I find my greatest motivation as fine artist, freelance illustrator, art educator, culinary enthusiast & sporadic wanderer. Living here has enriched not only the inner world of my imagination but has heightened my awareness of things outside myself. I now consider this place home.

Regardless of my many blunders, the Fates continue to lead me to good fortune. Such it is as I return to Rhode Island School of Design where I’ve been teaching since 1997. As Wintersession faculty during six icy weeks in Providence, I stay warm by reconnecting with my kind-hearted family, a few spirited friends and some astoundingly creative students.

I then head back to France, knowing full well how lucky I am.